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Below we list the best resources about guidelines, examples and tools for creating video clips used in the sales process, collected by a team of expert editors.

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Sales videos have a distinct advantage over other types of sales materials because they give you an opportunity to showcase your product to the potential customer. Tom Tunguz, VC at Redpoint, argues that “in sales processes, showing a product is always better than talking about a product.”

Videos can be dynamic, personal, and demonstrate their value immediately to viewers. They give the potential customer the opportunity to engage with your company and product in a low-pressure and potentially entertaining way.

To create a high-quality video for sales, the mission of your company and a sense of relevance and enjoyment for the viewer should drive the video. A video that pushes a product too heavily will end up sounding like a commercial and you'll be more likely to annoy a viewer than engage them.

There are several creative ways that you can use video in sales that can spark interest in your company and product:

  • Create a video showing a particular use of your product, and tell a story around it
  • Include a video of a sales representative within your emails that showcases their personality
  • Show off work that your current customers have done using your product

When creating a video of any kind, following certain best practices will ensure that your video resonates with potential customers:

  • Focus on a single topic—don't get too complicated, or it may be difficult for viewers to follow
  • Write a loose script, and try to keep it under one page
  • Film in a well-lit area where the light is in front of you, not behind you
  • Include additional footage in the form of short clips—you can edit these in and they help illustrate points you make

Video can contribute to a strong portfolio of sales materials. High-quality materials that really connect with potential customers have the potential to give smaller and growing companies a competitive edge. Create a wide variety of materials to connect with potential customers in different ways, and always keep the focus on how your product is relevant to the customer.

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