The Sales and Marketing Stack Site Map

Sales Automation and CRM

Sales Prospecting and SDR

Resources about the Sales Development or Appointment Setting function within sales, discussing the importance of this part of the sales process, techniques and best practices.

Sales Pipeline Management

Resources about building and managing a sales pipeline - a concept which helps sales teams track the progress of prospects through stages of the sales process.

  • Sales Agreement TemplatesResources providing templates and guidelines for creating sales agreements.
  • Sales Pipeline StagesResources about typical stages in a sales pipeline and how to use them in sales management - e.g. lead, opportunity, closed won, closed lost.
  • Sales Pipeline ToolsResources about tools that help sales managers and teams manage their sales pipeline, a visualization of their progress with leads that enter the sales process.
  • Sales Dashboards and ReportingResources about building dashboards and reports to visualize and provide information about sales activity.
  • Sales StrategyResources about strategies and best practices for succeeding in prospect-driven B2B sales.

Sales Materials

Resources on sales materials, such as slide decks, demo scripts, email templates, and more.

Inbound Sales

Resources about managing the sales process for leads obtained via inbound marketing activities.

CRM Practices

Resources about CRM best practices and strategies.

Types of CRMs and CRM Comparisons

Resources offering product comparisons between CRM systems such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • Open Source CRMsResources about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools offered with an open source license.
  • Free CRMsResources about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools offered at no charge or on a freemium basis.

Salesforce CRM

Resources about the Salesforce Sales Cloud and other Salesforce solutions for CRM and sales, including SalesforceIQ.

  • Salesforce Editions and PricingResources about editions, pricing, and licences of Salesforce Sales Cloud.
  • Salesforce Alternatives and CompetitorsResources about alternative products to Salesforce for sales teams.
  • Basic Salesforce ConceptsResources about basic Salesforce concepts, such as contacts, lists and filtering, collaboration, search, and more.
    • Salesforce ContactsResources about contacts in Salesforce - representing people the sales team is in touch with in connection to a sale, and their contact details.
    • Salesforce Lists and FilteringResources about working with lists in Salesforce and filtering options for searches, lists and reports.
    • Salesforce Reports and DashboardsResources about how to create and edit reports and dashboards in Salesforce, which help visualize sales metrics and results.
    • Salesforce ChatterResources about Chatter, a Salesforce tool that enables collaboration, team chat and file sharing.
    • Salesforce Apps and AppExchangeResources about AppExchange, the official platform for add-ons and extensions to Salesforce products.
    • Salesforce Notes and AttachmentsResources about notes and attachments in Salesforce. In Salesforce Notes provide the ability to enter text not covered in other fields. Attachments are external documents that are attached to a Salesforce record.
    • Salesforce SearchResources on Salesforce search, which provides the ability to find information within Salesforce more quickly. Some objects and fields are identified as searchable and thus can be included in search results.
    • Salesforce Topics and TagsResources about Salesforce Topics and Tags. Topics are basically hastags in Salesforce to enhance search results and are more common in chatter posts. Tags are an older type of identification/keyword and are related to record grouping.
    • Salesforce Collaboration and FeedsResources about Collaboration and Feeds in Salesforce. Salesforce Chatter is the collaboration tool within Salesforce, working much like public social media platforms. Salesforce feeds allow users to receive updates on monitored data through their Chatter feed.
  • Salesforce Concepts and Functionality for SalesResources about Salesforce concepts and functionality for sales, such as accounts, collaborative forecasts, lead scoring, and more.
    • Salesforce AccountsResources about accounts in Salesforce - representing an organization the sales team is in touch with in connection to a sale.
    • Salesforce OpportunitiesResources about opportunities in Salesforce - representing a sale that is in progress, the stage of the sale, and related contacts, leads and team members.
    • Salesforce Collaborative ForecastsResources on collaborative forecasts in Salesforce, which allow sales team to share knowledge about the likelihood of closing opportunities and the potential size deals in the pipeline.
    • Salesforce Email IntegrationResources on integrating email software like Outlook and Google Apps with Salesforce using third-party tools.
    • Integrating Salesforce with Outlook - Salesforce Exchange SyncResources on Salesforce's built-in Outlook integration.
    • Lead Scoring in SalesforceResources on how to score leads in Salesforce - identify which leads are more valuable than others using readily available metrics.
    • Salesforce Content DeliveriesResources on Content Management, Content Deliveries and Libraries, which allow you to manage documents, PPT presentations and other sales-related content within Salesforce.
    • Salesforce HTML Email TemplatesResources on defining email templates and sending emails automatically from Salesforce (without third party tools).
    • Salesforce Bulk Mail MergeResources about the process of generating form letters and other Microsoft Word documents that are personalized for the recipient, who is often a contact or lead.
    • Salesforce Territories ManagementResources about Salesforce Territory Management, an account sharing system that, based on the account characteristics, permits access to accounts.
    • Salesforce Quotes and Contract ManagementResources about Salesforce Quotes, a record showing proposed prices for any product or service and the Salesforce Contract Management, the process by which an organization strengthens and taps into the value of its contract portfolio.
    • Lead Routing in SalesforceResources about managing and routing incoming leads in Salesforce to direct them to a designated Salesforce user or queue.
    • Salesforce AnalyticsResources about Salesforce tools with analytics capabilities (such as Salesforce Wave), and the practice of analyzing Salesforce results using various APIs and tools.
    • Account-based Sales in SalesforceResources about account-based sales in Salesforce. The account-based sales model focuses all demand generation efforts (targeted marketing, email, sales leads) on the same slice of the market over a specified time period.
  • Salesforce ImplementationResources about implementing Salesforce within marketing teams, including getting started guides, best practices, and more.
  • Salesforce CustomizationResources about the practice of customizing different Salesforce features and functionalities, including how to guides, best practices, and more.
    • Salesforce Record TypesResources about Salesforce record types, which allow Salesforce users to offer different business processes, picklist values, and page layouts.
    • Salesforce Custom LinksResources about Salesforce custom links, which are links or buttons Saleforce users can add in order to streamline actions within Salesforce or integrate Salesforce data with external URLs, applications, or systems.
    • Salesforce Page LayoutsResources about Salesforce page layouts, which control the layout and organization of buttons, fields, s-controls, Visualforce, custom links, and related lists on object record pages.
    • Salesforce Field Level SecurityResources about Saleforce field-level security settings, which allow Salesforce users to restrict access to view and edit specific fields.
    • Salesforce Custom Objects, Tabs and ListsResources about Salesforce custom objects, tabs, and lists. Custom objects allow Salesforce users to store information unique to their organization, while Salesforce custom tabs and lists provide a view of custom object data or a way to filer by a particular set of data.
    • Salesforce Formulas and Formula FieldsResources about formulas used in Salesforce development, and formula field types, which are objects that store data and are calculated at run-time much like formulas in a spreadsheet.
    • Salesforce Validation RulesResources about creating and using validation rules in Salesforce. Validation rules validate data entered into Salesforce and lower user errors.
    • Multiple Business Processes in SalesforceResources about creating and using multiple business processes in Salesforce. Create separate business processes for functions such as sales, lead and support. These can then be associated with a record type and assigned to user groups by function.
    • Automating Business Processes in SalesforceResources about automating business processes in Salesforce to alert users to record changes without manual intervention.
    • Salesforce Visual WorkflowsResources about creating and using a Visual workflow in Salesforce. A Visual Workflow automates business processes by creating a flow, which asks for user input and performs actions in Salesforce based on those inputs.
    • Salesforce Approval ProcessesResources about Salesforce Approval Processes which ensure user transactions are approved before they are committed.
    • Salesforce Lookup Filters on Relationship FieldsResources on using Lookup Filters on Relationship Fields in Salesforce. Salesforce lookup filters provide for filtered data, relationship fields define object to object relationships in Salesforce.
  • Salesforce DevelopmentResources about developing custom functionality for Salesforce, and the Salesforce developer sandbox.
    • Salesforce Apex Coding LanguageResources about the Salesforce Apex Coding Language, an object oriented language created to customize a Salesforce implementation.
    • Salesforce APIResources about Salesforce Application Programming Interface (API). An API allows an application to pass or share data by providing a format that the application understands.
    • Salesforce ArchitectureResources about Salesforce Architecture, the components that make up Salesforce and how to use them to optimize your Salesforce implementation.
    • Salesforce ConnectResources on Salesforce Connect, an app Cloud integration service to link Salesforce to external applications.
    • Salesforce Custom AppsResources about Salesforce Custom Applications, apps created in-house or by a third-party to extend Salesforce functionality to meet business needs.
    • Salesforce Data Loader and Backup SolutionsResources about external tools that help load data into and out of Salesforce and perform backup and recovery.
  • Using Salesforce on Mobile - SalesForce1 Mobile AppResources about the SalesForce1 Mobile App, and other ways to run SalesForce products on mobile phones.
  • Salesforce Certifications,Training and EducationResources about training courses, certifications and books that can educate you on the Salesforce platform.
  • Salesforce Conferences, Events and CommunityResources about conferences, events and other community happenings around Salesforce products, including the DreamForce Conference.

CRM Tools for Startups

Resources about CRM solutions especially suitable for startup organizations.

  • BaseResources about Base CRM, an all-in-one sales platform including lead tracking, sales management, customer management, and more.
  • Close.ioResources about, the inside sales CRM of choice for startups and SMBs that keeps track of all sales activities including Calls, emails, reminders and tasks.
  • Nimble CRMResources about Nimble CRM, a sales automation and social CRM solution for small and midsize businesses that automatically populates rich customer profiles and interaction histories from contact lists, email conversations and social media activity.
  • PipeDriveResources about PipeDrive - a sales management tool designed to help small sales teams manage intricate or lengthy sales processes.
  • PipelineDealsResources about PipelineDeals, a CRM software solution that can gain access to profiles that contain all of the activities, people, documents, and events related to a single deal.
  • ProsperWorksResources about ProsperWorks  CRM, a cloud-based, cross-platform CRM that integrates with Gmail, Google Drive and the rest of the Google Apps suite.
  • SalesforceIQ - formerly RelateIQResources about SalesforceIQ (formerly RelateIQ), a subsidiary of Salesforce. SalesforceIQ is a relationship intelligence platform that combines data from email systems, smartphone calls, and appointments to augment or replace standard relationship management tools or database solutions.
  • SalesnetResources about Salesnet CRM, a flexible and configurable CRM solution, including sales management tools, marketing tools, and more.
  • StreakResources about Streak CRM for Gmail, which can be used for CRM, sales, email support, hiring, product management, fundraising, event planning, and more.
  • Zoho CRMResources about Zoho CRM, an online customer relationship management software for managing sales, marketing and support in a single system.

Other CRM Solutions

Resources about Customer Relationship Management products, which help sales teams manage and analyze interactions with customers and automate sales processes.

  • InfusionsoftResources about Infusionsoft, a SaaS-based CRM, marketing automation, and sales automation platform for small businesses.
  • InsightlyResources about Insightly for Sales, a SaaS-based CRM which helps sales teams manage their pipeline, from initial lead management and customer communication, through reporting, invoicing and customer payments.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRMResources about Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which helps sales teams with account management, mobile sales, social insights, collaborative selling and sales analytics. Offered both on the cloud and on-premise.
  • NetSuite CRMResources about Oracle NetSuite CRM, a cloud-based solution that covers the entire customer lifecycle, from lead to opportunity, sales order, fulfillment, renewal, upsell, cross-sell and support, and more.
  • SAP CRMResources about SAP Hybris CRM - a CRM and commerce solution offered both on the cloud and on-premise, and CRM capabilities within SAP Business Objects, SAP's small business ERP and business management solution.
  • SugarCRMResources about SugarCRM, an open source CRM product that provides sales automation, customization, personalization, mobile sales and and app ecosystem.

CRM Certification and Training

Resources about training courses and certifications for various CRM systems.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Strategy and Best Practices

This page gathers resources on how to have an effective marketing automation strategy and tips and best practices on how to get started with marketing automation.

Marketing Automation for Top of Funnel

Top of the funnel marketing automation tools are key to today's marketing funnel as a whole. This "funnel" is a multi-staged theoretical depiction of the buyer journey. To be a modern digital marketing success, companies must have the three phases working harmoniously as no single part works well by itself. This page gathers resources about top-of-funnel marketing automation tips, best practices and more.

  • Managing Campaigns and Landing Pages in Marketing AutomationIn today’s business world companies have to focus on marketing campaign and landing page automation to engage customers more effectively and efficiently. This page gathers resources about the benefits of campaign management automation and landing page marketing automation.
  • Personalization in Marketing AutomationMarketing automation, along with personalization, is a way of digital marketing that’s closely connected to customer relationship management processes. The building blocks are software, concepts, intelligence and content. These help companies to monitor and manage all activities in digital channels through a central software platform. This page gathers resources about how to personalize content with marketing automation, icluding tips, guidelines and more.
  • Lead Management and Nurturing in Marketing AutomationWorking with a marketing automation software raises the bar for performing difficult tasks, and consequently contributes to the company’s growth which helps in generating leads. This page gathers resources about how to use marketing automation for lead management and nurturing, including tips and useful techniques.
  • Managing Marketing Workflows in Marketing AutomationWorkflow automation leverages marketing software to set certain selected tasks on autopilot. It's most often used as an element of email marketing, but that can vary depending on the automated task. This page gathers resources about marketing workflow automation, including tutorials on how to build them, examples and more.

Marketing Automation for Nurturing

Nurturing is the purposeful process of engaging a defined target group by providing relevant information at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Some tactics on how to nurture leads are through targeted content, multi-channel nurturing, multiple touches, timely follow-ups, and personalization. This page gathers resources about nurturing through email marketing and drip campaigns, managing sales process and managing customer retention.

  • Email Marketing and Drip Campaigns in Marketing AutomationEmail drip campaigns are a revolutionary approach to email marketing. A drip campaign is simply a series of automated emails that are sent to targeted users, ultimately designed to sell the recipient on something. This page gathers resources about email marketing automation tips, guides, examples and tools.
  • Managing Sales Process in Marketing AutomationResources about the process of combining sales and marketing automation and how marketing automation improves sales.
  • Managing Customer Retention in Marketing AutomationCustomer retention refers to the various processes and strategies that a business develops so as to deliver a great customer experience throughout the customer journey for every single lead. Simply put, it is what the company does to keep their customer happy. This page gathers resources about how marketing automation improves the customer retention process.

Marketing Automation for Retention

Resources about customer retention techniques in marketing automation like automated check In on leads and prospects, managing quarterly business reviews, behavior-based marketing automation and more.

  • Automated Check In on Leads and ProspectsThere are a few ways to make sure that a lead or opportunity is followed up on that doesn’t require additional pressure to the sales team. Marketing automation, is a popular way to assist with following up on leads and opportunities. This page gathers resources about how marketing automation can simplify the lead follow up process.
  • Behavior-Based Marketing AutomationResources about the need for a behavior-based program in marketing automation, including examples, tips and more.
  • Automated Email TriggersTriggered emails are automated responses based on a specific action taken (or not taken) by a consumer or a meaningful change in their behavior or profile. This page gathers resources about how to use triggered emails marketing automation. 

Dashboards and Reporting in Marketing Automation

Resources about the need to constantly monitor and report the marketing automation process in order to get the maximum benefit from the investment in marketing automation.

Marketing Automation Integrations

Integrating a marketing automation platform provides marketers with rich, powerful tools to manage online programs and insights to improve campaigns. Without successful implementation companies will more than likely miss out on the full potential of marketing automation.


Marketo is SaaS based marketing automation software built to help organizations automate and measure marketing engagement, tasks and workflows. This page gathers resources about Marketo features, guides and alternatives.

  • Marketo Alternatives and CompetitorsMarketo's powerful content personalization and automation capabilities make it a favorite among established small and medium-sized businesses. However, some users might find the pricing and complexity too high. For such users, Marketo alternatives might be more suitable. This page gathers resources about some of the popular systems that may be a better fit for your company.
  • Marketo Best PracticesResources on how to get the most out of Marketo marketing automation platform and Marketo landing pages.
  • Marketo DevelopmentThe Marketo platform can be extended using a number of integration points.
  • Marketo IntegrationsResources about integrating Marketo with other tools like Google Analytics, Salesforce, Tableau and more.
  • Marketo Lead GenerationLead generation describes the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing sales pipeline. This page gathers resources about implementing the lead generation process with Marketo.
  • Marketo Lead NurturingLead nurturing is the process of developing relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel, and through every step of the buyer's journey. This page gathers resources about the lead nurturing process with Marketo.

Other Marketing Automation Tools

For marketers, keeping up marketing activities can be daunting. However, marketing automation tools can streamline a variety of marketing functions, enabling teams to focus their efforts on other core tasks that effectively nurture leads and drive revenue. This page gathers resources about popular marketing automation tools in the market.

  • ActiveCampaignActiveCampaign is an email marketing platform that helps to automate a big part of your campaigns and strategies. This page gathers resources on ActiveCampaign reviews, pricing and tutorials.
  • Act-OnAct-On provides marketers with a full suite of marketing automation tools to nurture leads and drive revenue. This page gathers resources about Act-On reviews, tutorials, pricing and more.
  • is a tool that lends you a helping hand to craft ideal customer interaction for your clients. It is a B2C solution that connects emails to mobile phones and helps in sending all types of messages across all platforms. This page gathers resources about email marketing features, guides and more.
  • EloquaEloqua is a powerful product that helps with marketing automation across multiple channels, including email, display search, web, video, and mobile. This software provides tools to segment and target specific audiences with the most relevant content. This page gathers resources about Eloqua reviews, pricing and alternatives.
  • HubspotHubSpot is a platform that brings together every possible marketing and distribution tactic you need in order to attract and convert leads on your website.This is often referred to as inbound marketing. This page gathers resources about Hubspot reviews, pricing and alternatives.
  • IntercomIntercom is a company that makes a customer messaging platform. The company allows software businesses to chat with prospective and existing customers within their app, on their website, through social media, or via email. This page gathers resources on Intercom's approach to marketing automation, benefits of using Intercom and Intercom alternatives.
  • LeadSquaredLeadSquared is a comprehensive customer acquisition solution that drives forwards leads down your sales funnel. LeadSquared accelerates the lead capture process with automation, responsive landing pages, and smooth lead capture from a plethora of sources. This page gathers resources about LeadSquared key features, guides and LeadSquared alternatives.
  • Salesforce PardotPardot is a lead marketing automation system that allows you to reach potential clients through a number of means, such as email campaigns, social media and paid marketing. This marketing automation tool for Salesforce can also sync with your current customers in Salesforce to automated and enhance communications.This page gathers resources about the key features in Pardot and tips for using Salesforce Pardot.

Demand Generation

Marketing BI and Analytics

Personalization and Optimization

Email Marketing

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