SugarCRM is a popular solution for small and medium businesses because the software provider works hard to create excellent customer experiences. It aims to help customers collect every critical bit about customers across marketing, sales, and service. The goal is to help companies using SugarCRM use this information to build customer relationships that make them stand out from other companies in crowded sectors.

Some of SugarCRM's main features include:

  • Personalized sales dashboards
  • Personal productivity tools
  • Collaborative selling tools
  • Ability to provide omnichannel customer service
  • Insights on ROI for marketing spend
  • A mobile native app for phones and tablets
  • A flexible platform with vast customization options

One of SugarCRM's unique and valuable features is their Relationship Analytics feature. Customers can compare and pull data from the Collective Relationship network to unearth previously unseen connections and insights. SugarCRM hopes to stand out from other solutions in this way because they don't just aggregate and organize customer data—they help customers do things with the data that they wouldn't be able to without the software.

SugarCRM users have the option of running the software however they want. It can be hosted by SugarCRM or one of their partners. This may be an appealing option for a company without an IT staff. It can also be deployed in a public cloud, or on-premise.

Companies of all sizes can find SugarCRM plans that fit their needs. Pricing starts at $40/user/month, billed annually, for the Sugar Professional plan. This plan is designed for small businesses. The Sugar Enterprise plan is $65/user/month, billed annually, and caters towards enterprise companies. The Sugar Ultimate plan is the complete suites of CRM product, support, and service offerings, and is priced at $150/user/month, billed annually.

SugarCRM may be an ideal choice for small companies looking to grow and maintain a constant CRM system and workflow. It can also be a good choice for enterprise companies that don't need or can't afford a solution as robust at SAP CRM or Salesforce. In general, SugarCRM should be noted for its excellent customer experience for companies of many sizes and needs.

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