Resources on defining email templates and sending emails automatically from Salesforce (without third party tools).

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  • Salesforce AccountsResources about accounts in Salesforce - representing an organization the sales team is in touch with in connection to a sale.
  • Salesforce OpportunitiesResources about opportunities in Salesforce - representing a sale that is in progress, the stage of the sale, and related contacts, leads and team members.
  • Salesforce Collaborative ForecastsResources on collaborative forecasts in Salesforce, which allow sales team to share knowledge about the likelihood of closing opportunities and the potential size deals in the pipeline.
  • Salesforce Email IntegrationResources on integrating email software like Outlook and Google Apps with Salesforce using third-party tools.
  • Integrating Salesforce with Outlook - Salesforce Exchange SyncResources on Salesforce's built-in Outlook integration.
  • Lead Scoring in SalesforceResources on how to score leads in Salesforce - identify which leads are more valuable than others using readily available metrics.
  • Salesforce Content DeliveriesResources on Content Management, Content Deliveries and Libraries, which allow you to manage documents, PPT presentations and other sales-related content within Salesforce.
  • Salesforce HTML Email TemplatesResources on defining email templates and sending emails automatically from Salesforce (without third party tools).
  • Salesforce Bulk Mail MergeResources about the process of generating form letters and other Microsoft Word documents that are personalized for the recipient, who is often a contact or lead.
  • Salesforce Territories ManagementResources about Salesforce Territory Management, an account sharing system that, based on the account characteristics, permits access to accounts.
  • Salesforce Quotes and Contract ManagementResources about Salesforce Quotes, a record showing proposed prices for any product or service and the Salesforce Contract Management, the process by which an organization strengthens and taps into the value of its contract portfolio.
  • Lead Routing in SalesforceResources about managing and routing incoming leads in Salesforce to direct them to a designated Salesforce user or queue.
  • Salesforce AnalyticsResources about Salesforce tools with analytics capabilities (such as Salesforce Wave), and the practice of analyzing Salesforce results using various APIs and tools.
  • Account-based Sales in SalesforceResources about account-based sales in Salesforce. The account-based sales model focuses all demand generation efforts (targeted marketing, email, sales leads) on the same slice of the market over a specified time period.

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