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Resources about developing custom functionality for Salesforce, and the Salesforce developer sandbox.

Below we list the best resources about developing custom functionality for Salesforce, and the Salesforce developer sandbox, collected by a team of expert editors.

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Salesforce provides its users with tools and secure environments to build their own apps. These apps will better serve their users' customers because they are created with a business's specific goals in mind. As a result, the companies using Salesforce and their end-users will all be more successful.

Salesforce supports development through their apps, their resources, and their dedicated developer community.

Building apps

The Salesforce platform allows users to create and scale apps that customers can trust. The idea is that users can customize them so they're tailored to the business's exact needs and so that team members will want to use them on a daily basis.

There are several ways to develop a Salesforce app, depending on your goals and development capabilities:

  • enables developers to build secure enterprise pass quickly and with Apex code, a programming language that executes on the platform.
  • Lightning allows developers to build apps faster by utilizing reusable components and powerful tools.
  • Heroku lets developers build scalable apps with open languages and frameworks.
  • Einstein helps developers build smarter apps with the Salesforce CRM.

Development tools and resources

Salesforce supports and encourages app development on its platform by offering a variety of tools and resources that developers can use.

Developer community

Salesforce encourages and enables development by offering support through an active developers community. There are several ways one can participate in the Salesforce development community:

  • Upcoming Events - Salesforce provides a calendar of all its upcoming development-related events held both locally and online.
  • Discussion Forums - Salesforce's online discussion forums allow developers to ask and answer questions and help one another build better apps.
  • Local Dev Groups - For those who work better in groups and enjoy meeting face to face, Salesforce has initiated a Salesforce Developer Meetups Page with groups gathering all over the globe.

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