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Below we list the best resources about the practice of customizing different Salesforce features and functionalities, including how to guides, best practices, and more, collected by a team of expert editors.

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One of the strengths of the Salesforce CRM is that it is highly customizable. This is what makes the tool so adaptable for teams of many sizes across many industries.

There are many different options for how a team may choose to customize their Salesforce CRM either by using the prebuilt apps or by building new apps with Salesforce's developer tools.

The Salesforce team provides many resources on the topic of customization. Many of these resources are focused on knowing what it is possible to customize within Salesforce, and thinking critically about what level of personalization your team needs.

Below, here are the some best practices getting started with customizations, and the most common customizations.

Best practices when getting started with salesforce customization

These are points to consider before you customize, as you implement customizations, and as you evaluate how your team is using the customized tool.

  1. Plan before you build about what you're hoping to accomplish with the software. Connect your goals with specific information that you want to collect and manage. These are fields that you should make sure you include in your reports.
  2. Ask for input from your users about what information would be most helpful for them to do their jobs. This should be information that you capture.
  3. Start basic and add as you grow. Start with the fields you know are necessary. As your team uses and gets more comfortable with the software, add the fields to capture the data you realize you need.
  4. Run reports. About one month after you go live, run reports to see which fields aren't being used. Prune those fields to make sure you're only including the necessary information and avoiding data bloat.
  5. Make changes on the fly to show that you're responsive to your team and dedicated to creating the best experience possible. Make sure to communicate changes.

Most common salesforce customizations

The following customizations are the most common areas where users want to tailor the tool to meet their teams' needs.

  • Fields. These need to capture the most important data and make sense to your users. You can modify the standard Salesforce CRM fields, create fields from scratch, or both.
  • Page layouts. Customizing page layouts makes them attractive and intuitive to use. Common changes you can make are removing unnecessary fields, changing field locations, creating new sections, and determining whether it's required to fill certain fields before saving.
  • Reports. These are how you will view your findings, so you want to make sure they help your team pull out the most relevant information and take action on it. You can make changes to the standard report, or build your own from scratch.

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