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Salesforce organizes a number of events throughout the year held at various location across the country.

These events look to educate companies on the benefits of Salesforce and help individual professionals improve their Salesforce skills and knowledge. The events also offer a community and real-life networking opportunities for Salesforce professionals, dubbed by the company as Trailblazers.

The company currently organizes three major events:

  • Dreamforce: The company's main learning event for Trailblazers, organized once a year. This four-day event offers career and networking opportunities to attendees and hands-on learning to help them succeed in their role and their industry. The event includes over 2,700 sessions organized by themes, roles, industries, and products, as well as a Customer Success Expo.
  • Trailhead Live: In this packed one-day event, Salesforce takes its solutions to various location around the country to train professionals their Customer Support Platform and help them connect with their customers in new ways. Besides training and information sessions, these events also include a Customer Success Expo.
  • Salesforce Basecamp: These 3-hour local events aim to bring Salesforce Trailblazers together in their community. After a keynote speech and a Q&A session with a panel of experts, the event closes with a networking reception and demos where Trailblazers can connect.

These events help reinforce the Salesforce community that exists within the Salesforce Community Website. Being a member of the Salesforce community is beneficial to users, who have access to a network of support and inspiration from the Salesforce team and other Salesforce users.

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