Salesforce Concepts and Functionality for Sales


Below we list the best resources oabout Salesforce concepts and functionality for sales, such as accounts, collaborative forecasts, lead scoring, and more, collected by a team of expert editors.

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The full suite of Salesforce apps gives users many ways to engage with their customers throughout their sales process. These include:

  • Marketing administration
  • Customer service and support automation
  • Enterprise social networking
  • Campaign management
  • Data analysis
  • App development
  • Utilization of the Internet of Things

Salesforce CRM offers a broad range of functionality for sales teams. Salesforce describes the following four functions as the pillars of their comprehensive service:

Salesforce Applications
These include all of their prebuilt applications that come pre-bundled with all of the functionality that a user needs to accomplish tasks around a given goal. These are their “clouds.” Platform
This is the first platform-as-a-service. It allows users to build and deliver an app for their customers without their own software. Users can transform their business process into an app and integrate data from any Salesforce App. Apps built on are automatically mobile and secure.

This is a marketplace for apps created by Salesforce and their partners. Most of them are free, and all of them can automatically integrate with Salesforce. This gives users instant access to hundreds of additional cloud apps. Community
This site gives Salesforce users a place where they can find support, training, discussion boards, events, consulting, and best practices. Users may browse documentations to find answers to their questions, or post their own original questions that can be answered by fellow users or support team members. The site also functions as a model of what kind of community you can create around your company using the Community Cloud app.

Perspectives on Salesforce Concepts and Functionality for Sales

Further Reading

  • Salesforce AccountsResources about accounts in Salesforce - representing an organization the sales team is in touch with in connection to a sale.
  • Salesforce OpportunitiesResources about opportunities in Salesforce - representing a sale that is in progress, the stage of the sale, and related contacts, leads and team members.
  • Salesforce Collaborative ForecastsResources on collaborative forecasts in Salesforce, which allow sales team to share knowledge about the likelihood of closing opportunities and the potential size deals in the pipeline.
  • Salesforce Email IntegrationResources on integrating email software like Outlook and Google Apps with Salesforce using third-party tools.
  • Integrating Salesforce with Outlook - Salesforce Exchange SyncResources on Salesforce's built-in Outlook integration.
  • Lead Scoring in SalesforceResources on how to score leads in Salesforce - identify which leads are more valuable than others using readily available metrics.
  • Salesforce Content DeliveriesResources on Content Management, Content Deliveries and Libraries, which allow you to manage documents, PPT presentations and other sales-related content within Salesforce.
  • Salesforce HTML Email TemplatesResources on defining email templates and sending emails automatically from Salesforce (without third party tools).
  • Salesforce Bulk Mail MergeResources about the process of generating form letters and other Microsoft Word documents that are personalized for the recipient, who is often a contact or lead.
  • Salesforce Territories ManagementResources about Salesforce Territory Management, an account sharing system that, based on the account characteristics, permits access to accounts.
  • Salesforce Quotes and Contract ManagementResources about Salesforce Quotes, a record showing proposed prices for any product or service and the Salesforce Contract Management, the process by which an organization strengthens and taps into the value of its contract portfolio.
  • Lead Routing in SalesforceResources about managing and routing incoming leads in Salesforce to direct them to a designated Salesforce user or queue.
  • Salesforce AnalyticsResources about Salesforce tools with analytics capabilities (such as Salesforce Wave), and the practice of analyzing Salesforce results using various APIs and tools.
  • Account-based Sales in SalesforceResources about account-based sales in Salesforce. The account-based sales model focuses all demand generation efforts (targeted marketing, email, sales leads) on the same slice of the market over a specified time period.

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