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  • Salesforce ContactsResources about contacts in Salesforce - representing people the sales team is in touch with in connection to a sale, and their contact details.
  • Salesforce Lists and FilteringResources about working with lists in Salesforce and filtering options for searches, lists and reports.
  • Salesforce Reports and DashboardsResources about how to create and edit reports and dashboards in Salesforce, which help visualize sales metrics and results.
  • Salesforce ChatterResources about Chatter, a Salesforce tool that enables collaboration, team chat and file sharing.
  • Salesforce Apps and AppExchangeResources about AppExchange, the official platform for add-ons and extensions to Salesforce products.
  • Salesforce Notes and AttachmentsResources about notes and attachments in Salesforce. In Salesforce Notes provide the ability to enter text not covered in other fields. Attachments are external documents that are attached to a Salesforce record.
  • Salesforce SearchResources on Salesforce search, which provides the ability to find information within Salesforce more quickly. Some objects and fields are identified as searchable and thus can be included in search results.
  • Salesforce Topics and TagsResources about Salesforce Topics and Tags. Topics are basically hastags in Salesforce to enhance search results and are more common in chatter posts. Tags are an older type of identification/keyword and are related to record grouping.
  • Salesforce Collaboration and FeedsResources about Collaboration and Feeds in Salesforce. Salesforce Chatter is the collaboration tool within Salesforce, working much like public social media platforms. Salesforce feeds allow users to receive updates on monitored data through their Chatter feed.

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