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As separate business units, sales and marketing have different business goals. Your sales team want a pipeline full of high-value, high-quality leads that close quickly.

Marketing do care about value and quality, but are usually assessed by the total quality of marketing qualified leads they pass to the sales team. They might not be evaluated regarding the final value of these leads when they close. They are incentivized to produce quantity over quality.

This causes problems for the sales team, the marketing team, and the company overall:

  • The sales team suffers as they have to spend more time dealing with low-quality leads. This hurts efficiency and the ability of the sales team and individual reps to hit their monthly and quarterly goals
  • The marketing team suffers as the ROI of the marketing team becomes opaque. Without obvious attribution from different marketing campaigns through the funnel to Closed-Won deals, marketing leaders struggle to show the impact of their team's work.
  • The company suffers as both teams are suboptimal. Sales are losing deals; marketing are unsure what works best. Therefore revenue and growth are below what could be obtained.

Sales and marketing alignment looks to mitigate these problems by treating the two teams as part of the greater whole. This mainly comes through greater communication between the two teams. The sales team loop marketing into sales calls, sales meetings, and the ideal customer profiles they are using. Marketing use sales as the jumping off point for their content creation process, building campaigns and collateral around issues the sales team have identified during working with prospects. Both teams and leaders meet regularly.

Through this alignment:

  • The sales team benefits from the higher quality leads that come through as marketing has a better understanding of what works to bring in better leads
  • The marketing team benefits as they can see which campaigns work best, build off these with the sales team, and start to quantify the ROI of their efforts.
  • The company benefits as better leads bring shorter sales cycles, more revenue, and higher growth. 

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