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The materials that your company presents to potential customers shapes their impression of you and ultimately helps them make a buying decision. Creating high quality sales materials is an opportunity to communicate the benefits of using your product.

If your company uses an outbound sales model, sales materials can be sent to customers that SDRs have contacted. These materials can support a sales rep's pitch at any stage from initial contact to just before conversion.

Sales materials can be used in an inbound sales model to encourage a potential buyer to interact with the company, or to provide more information to leads that have already contacted the company.

In both cases, the quality of the sales materials can directly influence whether a customer grows their interest in the product and eventually converts.

High quality sales materials have a strong underlying message about the product and the company. This message should convey:

  • Your position to meet your customer's needs
  • Your unique selling proposition

They need to clearly show potential customers that your product is a good fit as a solution. The message should be informed by a strong understanding of:

  • Who are you are selling to—this may mean specific buyer personas
  • What problems your potential customers face in their current workflow
  • What other solutions are available to them to solve these problems

By building a strong central message with these axioms in mind, you can create high quality materials to give your customers the right information they need to make an informed decision.

The materials themselves can take several forms. Some of the most common are:

It's helpful to create materials in many different forms. One format may resonate with one lead more than another, and one format may be better for conveying certain information than another. For example, slide decks work well to describe successful customers' metrics, while videos can show the product in action.

Ultimately, you want to build a cohesive set of materials to have on hand and ready to present to potential customers. Then you can quickly and easily get leads the right information about your product's value.

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