Sales Automation and CRM

Resources on sales automation and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), a set of practices and technologies which help sales teams automate the sales process, collect data on customer interactions, and make this data available during customer interactions to support sales success.


Key Topics

Perspectives on Sales Automation and CRM

CRM Definitions

CRM Overviews and Guides

CRM Overviews

CRM Guides

Case Studies

Features and Benefits of Sales Automation & CRMs

CRM Features and Benefits

Sales and Marketing Automation Features and Benefits

Automation of Sales & CRM Systems


Further Reading

  • Sales Prospecting and SDRResources about the Sales Development or Appointment Setting function within sales, discussing the importance of this part of the sales process, techniques and best practices.
  • Sales Pipeline ManagementResources about building and managing a sales pipeline - a concept which helps sales teams track the progress of prospects through stages of the sales process.
  • Sales MaterialsResources on sales materials, such as slide decks, demo scripts, email templates, and more.
  • Inbound SalesResources about managing the sales process for leads obtained via inbound marketing activities.
  • CRM PracticesResources about CRM best practices and strategies.
  • Types of CRMs and CRM ComparisonsResources offering product comparisons between CRM systems such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Salesforce CRMResources about the Salesforce Sales Cloud and other Salesforce solutions for CRM and sales, including SalesforceIQ.
  • CRM Tools for StartupsResources about CRM solutions especially suitable for startup organizations.
  • Other CRM SolutionsResources about Customer Relationship Management products, which help sales teams manage and analyze interactions with customers and automate sales processes.
  • CRM Certification and TrainingResources about training courses and certifications for various CRM systems.

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