PipelineDeals is a CRM directed towards teams who need a solution to help them start managing their sales right away. They're results-oriented and strive to help their customers see quantifiable improvements in closing deals and growing revenue.

The main features of this CRM include:

One of the features of the PipelineDeals CRM that really stands out is their customer support. This can be very valuable to startups using a CRM for the first time. In addition to the option to call and speak with a customer representative, PipelineDeals also provides customers with a “Getting Started” slideshow, a knowledge base, a library of how-to videos, and free classes on using Pipeline Deals and learning more about sales.

Other features that startups may particularly like include:

  • The ability to get set up and get started in 2 minutes
  • The ability to set sales goals with a very simple mechanism and give the team direction
  • The option to customize the color and logos to match your company

PipelineDeals is reasonably priced for a startup budget. The most basic plan, the Standard Plan, starts at $25/month/person, billed annually. Their most popular plan is the Accelerator plan, priced at $49/month/person when billed annually. This plan is designed to help small teams scale up rapidly.

The Optimum plan is the largest plan and is described as being designed for “teams at scale.” It comes with a dedicated account manager and advanced security features. Teams can contact PipelineDeals for pricing for the Optimum plan.

Given that the CRM has a lot of baseline functionality that includes customization and control over user permissions, PipelineDeals is a good startup CRM that can support a growing team and meet many of their needs through a period of scaling.

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