NetSuite CRM was recently acquired by Oracle, combining a sales and marketing solution for the SMB market with the power of an enterprise-facing corporation. NetSuite CRM prides itself on delivering to users a complete, 360-view of customers in real time. That means helping users track customer data and interactions across the entire customer lifecycle, from first contact to conversion to providing ongoing customer support.

Some of NetSuite CRM's main features include:

  • Salesforce automation (SFA)
  • Customer service management
  • Marketing automation
  • Partner relationship management
  • Mobile access
  • Quote delivery
  • Order management
  • Commissions
  • Sales forecasting
  • Integrated ecommerce capabilities

NetSuite CRM offers differentiated solutions that accommodate 15 different industries, including some unique and specific industries like Transportation and Logistics, Energy, and IT Services. Companies with wildly different processes and end goals can find the right fit for their CRM needs without having to compromise on a “one size fits all” solution.

In addition to offering a huge breadth of CRM use-cases across industries, NetSuite is also unique in that it offers one of the best Partner Relationship Management solutions. NetSuite CRM helps create a conduit between a company and its partners by providing:

  • joint marketing campaigns
  • partner lead management
  • sales forecasting
  • pipeline management
  • order processing
  • partner commissions and royalties

This helps a company integrate itself into an ecosystem of partner companies to grow revenue and visibility. It's a powerful growth lever for companies that want to scale quickly.

NetSuite offers three distinct solutions for small businesses, midsize businesses, and enterprise businesses. However, the pricing is not available on the website. You must contact the company to schedule a free consultation.

For companies that want access to the power of an enterprise provider, NetSuite CRM backed by Oracle is a good choice. Using NetSuite CRM plugs the customer into a wealth of industry-specific solutions and feature options.

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