Infusionsoft is a sales and marketing automation software designed for small businesses. They boast over 125k users, most of whom are small businesses. In addition to providing CRM tools for businesses of this size, Infusionsoft is also dedicated to equipping their users with resources like blog posts and market reports around small business success.

Some of Infusionsoft's main CRM features include:

  • Contact management
  • Lead sourcing and lead scoring
  • Website activity history and brand interaction history
  • Mobile access
  • User segmentation
  • Calendar management
  • Task management

Infusionsoft's data management features may be helpful for users who are just getting started with CRM use. The tool helps you import data into the platform and automates organizational tasks like checking for duplicate records. Users can also update, edit, export, or trigger automation in batches. The ability to add contacts on the mobile app allows users to manage customer data on-the-go and in real time.

For companies with larger amounts of data and more complex processes, Infusionsoft's automation features can really streamline the workflow. The task management system helps to track and organize team member activity by automatically linking tasks to customer profiles and automatically generating tasks based on contact's behavior. Infusionsoft also helps prevent tasks from slipping through the cracks with reminders for tasks and tags that trigger automatic follow-ups.

Pricing for new Insightly customers is two-part: users have to select a base plan, and a one-time kickstart package for customized onboarding.

The base plans are annual contracts, billed monthly. They include a Starter plan for $99/month (500 contacts, 2,500 emails/month, 1 user), an Essentials plan for $199/month (2,500 contacts, 12,500 emails/month, 3 users), and a Complete plan for $299/month (10,000 contacts, 50,000 emails/month, 5 users).

The kickstart packages range from basic guidance for $999, in-depth guidance for $1,999, or complete set-up for $2,999.

Despite its high monthly rates and pricey setup fee, Infusionsoft is specifically designed for small teams. Their largest plan only accommodates up to 5 users. For this reason, Infusionsoft is great for a small but mature team with a nuanced sales and marketing process and a need for comprehensive functionality.

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