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Below we list the best resources about techniques and tools to track a sales email, check if the email has been delivered, opened, read or clicked by a prospect.

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A basic level of email tracking is to determine whether people are receiving, opening, reading, and clicking your emails. These metrics are important to understand the level of engagement with your emails and help you make decisions about whether to follow-up or continue with a campaign. Each of these are important factors for your email campaigns:

  • Receipt tracking tells you whether your emails are going to real addresses and in-use inboxes. This can tell you whether your list includes out-of-date email addresses that should be removed. A high number of bouncing emails will lead email providers to blacklist you as a spammer.
  • Open/read tracking will tell you if your emails are being opened and read by the recipient. If they are, then it is a positive sign that your emails aren't being sent to the spam folder or to separate inboxes, and that something about the email is compelling—either your brand or the subject.
  • Click tracking tells you whether your recipient actually clicked through a link in your email. This takes the open/read tracking one step further. If the person does open but doesn't click, your email isn't compelling. But if they do click through, then you are showing some value to them in your email that they want to learn more about.

Email and read receipts are the most basic form of email tracking and are available as a built-in component of a number of email tools. You can also use external email tracking services that add this functionality.

Click tracking will require either specific email tools designed for sales and marketing, custom code included in the email body, or backend tracking on your website through UTM parameters. The easiest is to use specialized tools for sales and marketing email that analyze your campaigns automatically.

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