contents aims to be the single place for an entire company's sales information, including calls, emails, reminders, tasks, and SMS. They specialize in inbound sales for startups and SMBs.'s main CRM features include:

  • Built-in calling
  • Two-way email syncing
  • Built-in one-click SMS
  • Powerful searching options
  • Actionable reporting
  • Flexible API
  • Zapier integrations is particularly good at making important information very accessible to the user. The CRM is powered by a backend engine and has multiple search features, like static text and dynamic search, that make it easy for a user to quickly find the information they're looking for. Users also have the option of saving common searches as a Smart View that will continue to automatically update with current data, no matter when the search was created and saved.

The following features of's CRM can be particularly useful for startups:

  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Full transparency throughout the team
  • Ability to have several users on different pricing plans

The ability for one company to have several users on different paid plans is one of the most interesting features of's pricing. does this to allow teams with different needs to find the combination of users and pricing plans that work best for their specific needs.

All plans offer the customer unlimited leads, unlimited contacts, and unlimited opportunities. Certain features are gated by pricing tiers. The cheapest plan starts at $65/user/month and includes 2-way email synching and API access. The next pricing tier offers more functionality for $110/user/month, while the most expensive tier offers full functionality for $165/user/month. They do not offer a plan specifically for enterprise customers.

With the cheapest plan starting at $65/user/month, is definitely one of the more expensive per-seat CRM tools for startups who want to pay a low rate to have all users on the most basic plan. However, for companies that want more functionality, having different users on different pricing plans can help customers, who are straddling different tiers, make the most cost-effective choice. Given the high price of the basic plan, as well as the lack of a clearly defined enterprise plan, is best suited for the SMB market.

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