The Sales and Marketing Stack

Tech that Generates Business: Sales Tools, Marketing Tools and More 

A compilation of insights, best practices and how to guides on the tools that make sales and marketing happen

Sales Tools

Sales prospecting techniques and technologies, the sales development function in sales, sales materials, inbound sales management

Marketing Automation Tools

Strategy and best practices, how to use marketing automation for top of funnel traffic, lead nurturing, retention, marketing reporting

Marketing BI & Analytics

Lead generation, marketing data enrichment and enhancement, lead databases and company data sources, and marketing data integration.

Personalization & Optimization

Best practices, predictive marketing platforms, database marketing, marketing modeling and attribution tools

Email Marketing

Best practices, website personalization tools, customer and user intelligence, signup process optimization, real-time messages and offers, conversion optimization and testing tools.

Demand Generation

Best practices for improving email delivery and engagement, bulk mailing and spam laws, transactional emails, 

What is Modern Sales and Marketing?

Sales and marketing have gone a long way since the billboard advertising and door-to-door salesmen of the 1950s. Organizations are selling increasingly complex products and services to a technology-savvy population, using a variety of tools and technologies that automate sales and marketing workflows, focus on the customer and personalize the message. 
If the traditional marketer was a master of slogans and catch phrases, the modern marketer is a data-driven technologist able to deliver the right message to the right audience in the right context. If salespeople were once masters of persuasion, they are now armed with deep intelligence about their prospects, ready to deliver the precise solution to their problem.
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